I Have a Biased Position


I Have a Biased Position

I Have a Biased Position, 2004, acrylic on canvas, 18×18, with 2 ½ inch painted sides

When pushed to conform his art to an established style or school, Rodrigue’s answer usually surprised his inquisitors. Although mentioning occasionally Pop or Folk Art traditions, it is Abstract Art that, to the artist himself, best defines his style.

For Rodrigue, as he worked within a canvas’s boundaries, shapes and colors are king. It is because of this abstract approach that he never tired of his subjects.

“I’m an Abstract Artist,” he said, “who happens to paint things people recognize. I’ve painted this way ever since my earliest Oak Trees.”

In the painting I Have a Biased Position, the canvas’s shape dictates Rodrigue’s design, strong in its abstraction and, to a large degree, symmetry. The dog’s organic, yet stylized shape contrasts with its environment. It’s the colors, as well as the shapes defined by the colors, that connect the dog to its diamond world.

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