Stop and Listen

Stop and Listen 2002 Acrylic on canvas 36x48 inches (Location: New Orleans)

Stop and Listen
Acrylic on canvas
36×48 inches
(Location: New Orleans)

The symbolism attached to the colors red, white, and blue attracted Rodrigue from his earliest Cajun genre paintings. He painted dozens of scenes interpreting patriotic themes.

“Even though the Cajuns spoke French,” explained the artist, “upon reaching America they became, over the next one hundred years, truly Americanized. They were in a country with freedom of religion and speech, neither of which they experienced as the British moved into Nova Scotia.”

As the Blue Dog transitioned from the loup-garou, Rodrigue intensified its blue hue, making it, especially when combined with red and white, a natural continuation and reflection of his own patriotism.

Available now at Rodrigue Studio.