Rodrigue’s Swirling Vision

Yellow Eyes for Yellow Flowers, 2001, 36×24, acrylic on canvas

Rodrigue’s Swirling Vision: The Sun, Cosmos, and Hurrican

George Rodrigue  returned to the swirl often throughout his career. It first appeared in his landscapes and Cajun series paintings as a light in the distance, symbolizing hope and a brighter tomorrow. Later it evolved into Hurricanes and the Cosmos, as the birth of creativity, and as a suspension of reality —a symbol of the mysterious, mystical, and spiritual. In 2012, after his cancer entered remission, Rodrigue commented,

“People asked me all summer, ‘what will you paint once you’re back at your easel?’ I said I didn’t know, but that it would probably relate to my illness. Looking at these first canvases, that’s exactly what happened.  “I’m painting   hope… love… happiness… sunshine”.   – G.R.


Exhibition continues through October 27, 2018.