Rodrigue Oak Jewelry Collection

Premiering a stunning collection of jewelry based on George Rodrigue’s clay relief, created by Douglas Magnus, blending the traditional and contemporary…
These are exact reproductions of George’s hands-on work and are genuine Rodrigue art pieces— 3-D scanned from the original clay relief, cast in sterling, and then meticulously finished by hand by Douglas Magnus —the silversmith Rodrigue worked with on multiple jewelry projects over many years.  As important as his paintings, prints, and sculptures, these magnificent pendants are George Rodrigue’s artistic vision, interpreted in precious metals, worn on the body and close to the heart:

Original design by George Rodrigue (circa 1980)
Hand-crafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Magnus Studios (2017)

Rodrigue Oak, small, medium, or large

Sterling silver, rhodium plated in S ($475*), M ($950*) or L ($1425*).   Available for online purchase

Sterling silver, oxidized in S ($475*), M ($950*) or L ($1425*). Special order only. Contact Rodrigue Studio

14 kt gold, in S, M or L. Special order only. Contact Rodrigue Studio

Cuff Links:   Sterling silver, rhodium plated:  $950*.   Available for online purchase

  • Jewelry pieces are handcrafted, one-by-one, and are limited in terms of on-hand inventory.  
  • Special orders, including all gold pieces, take 4-8 weeks and require a 50% non-refundable deposit.
  • Rhodium plating is tarnish-resistant and produces a brilliant, chrome-like silver shine in line with Rodrigue’s lifelong interest in this effect.
  • Oxidized plating is black, in deference to Rodrigue’s “black oaks.”
  • The backside of each pendant includes Rodrigue’s stamped signature, which he created at Magnus Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Pendants include a 16-inch sterling silver chain.  (or gold, for gold pendants)
  • A black woven cord, handmade in Taos, New Mexico is available for an additional $75.

In 1980 George Rodrigue created an oak tree relief on the back of his mother’s china plate.  He molded the clay by hand, manipulating smoother areas for the trunk, and rougher ones for the foliage, moss, and ground.  As is typical of his paintings, this sculptural relief includes interesting negative spaces, creating shapes of sky within this highly contemporary, original design. (The negative spaces are particularly effective in the Rodrigue Oak jewelry.)

From the beginning, Rodrigue intended this oak tree as a bronze relief.  However, he never completed the artwork in this form, because, as he told his wife Wendy when he gave her the plate some twenty years ago….. “You and I are the only ones who ever liked it!”  Rodrigue felt that the contemporary design was misunderstood by his early audience, many of whom perceived his oak trees as traditional.  To this day, Wendy treasures this remarkable art piece —on display for years within hers and George’s home.  After George passed away in December 2013, she learned of a gift he intended, a gold pendant produced by Douglas Magnus from George’s plate.

Last year Wendy brought the original plate to Shidoni Foundry in Tesuque, New Mexico, where George made numerous bronzes; and after thirty-seven years, she completed his project.  Learn more.

The three bronze reliefs from this collaboration premiere this fall during the special exhibition Rodrigue’s Heartland:  Under the Oaks and Out of the Swamp, open now in New Orleans through March 18, 2018.

Also on view, the original 1980 plate with clay relief that started it all, plus the wax and rubber molds used to complete the bronzes, as well as a step-by-step description of the process.

*prices subject to change without notice