Who Will She Be Today?

An Original Silkscreen by George Rodrigue
Numbered Edition of  150
#75-150 Official Rodrigue Estate Stamp
26×35  inches

Note:  Although Rodrigue printed this edition, he did not complete signing it.  In other words, this is   not a new print.  It is the original Rodrigue edition. 



In this silkscreen, the concept of ‘she’ represents life.  Everyday is a new experience.  Will it be a bouquet of roses or an alligator whose fierce temperament might change with love and caring into a pleasant, understandable creature?  Or, in dealing with the surprises in life, could it be a mad red dog?

“These are everyday challenges faced by every person.  Sometimes all we can do is burn some candles and pray to somebody, maybe God, maybe Buddha, maybe my long dead Aunt Bertha, that we get through the day.” – G.R.

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All prints sold directly by the Rodrigue Estate are also accompanied with a certificate of authenticity indicating the number of the print purchased from the estate.  

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 30 x .5 x 20 in