Portrait of My Past

Portrait of My Past
1996 by George Rodrigue
Oil on linen
24×30 inches
Price upon request

Location:  Rodrigue Studio New Orleans, in conjunction with the special exhibition Rodrigue’s Heartland:  Under the Oaks and Out of the Swamp opening October 14th.  Learn more

In Portrait of My Past, Rodrigue allows the Blue Dog in the foreground of the canvas to reflect on the transformation from Tiffany to the Blue Dog.  The spirit of Tiffany sits beneath the oak tree, a reflection of Rodrigue’s early style, as she once sat beneath the artist’s easel while he painted.

“Even as I painted the loup-garou, at times my mind drifted to Tiffany, until eventually I created a series of paintings less about a ghost story and more about my dog.” -G.R.