One Size Fits All

One Size Fits All 2010 Acrylic on canvas 42x78 inches (Location: Carmel)

One Size Fits All
Acrylic on canvas
42×78 inches
(Location: Carmel)

The large canvas One Size Fits All is not the first Rodrigue painting depicting a fireplug. Early Blue Dog paintings including My Favorite Part of Town, I’m Just Waiting for My Turn, and My Yellow Heaven (all 1991-2) reveal similar imagery and humor. In these paintings, the fireplug and paler dog sit within a loose Rodrigue landscape, lending a sense of reality and the original ‘Tiffany’ to the scene.

Early Blue Dog silkscreens, however, such as Dogs on Cherry Jello with Fireplug, (1991) drop the Cajun reference in favor of strong and simple designs, many with floating dogs combined with elements such as cars, moons, and fireplugs to create surreal compositions. Twenty years later, One Size Fits All also drops the Cajun reference, giving equal importance to all elements in a bold, imposing composition.

“Over time,” explained Rodrigue, “my paintings have grown more contemporary, similar to my early Blue Dog prints.”

The frame also references Rodrigue’s early creative interests. With his first Louisiana Landscapes, he coined the phrase, “painting to the frame.” This includes, for example, his most famous Cajun painting, Aioli Dinner (1971), a work he painted to match a frame that previously held an oversize photograph of President McKinley. Forty years later, Rodrigue purchased a series of carved wooden East Indian mirror-frames in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and painted them vibrant colors. He custom-ordered stretched canvases to fit and painted large one-of-a-kind works, including One Size Fits All, to complement these unique “running dogs.”

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