Morning Glories Red, Blonde, Brunette

Morning Glories Red, Blonde, Brunette
1987 by George Rodrigue (three paintings)
Oil on canvas
43×35 inches each


Sold individually, or as a  complete triptych

These beautiful paintings of three Cajun women with strikingly varied hair color, can be appreciated as individual works; yet they were conceived as a triptych when hung together in the order seen here.  The women appear to be part of the landscape scheme.  The morning glory vines intertwine each oak tree and its branches, winding around the figures, and forming a swing of sorts in the central panel for the blonde. The redhead is seated on a barely visible wooden bench, and the brunette sits on a low hanging branch of the oak tree.  

To further accentuate the triptych approach, the two end canvases are anchored by compositional props- in the left painting is a straw hat, and on the far right is a basket for gathering flowers.  The only figure to appear to glance outward is the blonde in the central painting; the other two women are slightly turned inward, completing the unified composition.

Rodrigue premiered this impressive triptych at a 1988 solo exhibition of his work at the Upstairs Gallery in Beverly Hills, California.