Mardi Gras Moon

Mardi-Gras-Moon-1991-oil-on-linen-24x20-RODRIGUEMardi Gras Moon
24×20 inches
Oil on linen

A message from Wendy Rodrigue:  Here’s a rare jewel, from within a private collection since 1991.  I hunted everywhere for a photograph of Mardi Gras Moon as it originally hung on the wall salon-style within the tiny corner space housing The Rodrigue Gallery of New Orleans, then located across the street from its current larger location.   I see the photograph in my mind and know that it exists; but perhaps it’s only my memory, recalling those magical days of new paintings and exciting artistic development.  Mardi Gras Moon is one of the last paintings George Rodrigue completed in oil before making his permanent switch to acrylic paints for health reasons.  Most important, this is one of the earliest Blue Dog paintings separating the dog from the Louisiana landscape.  It was around this time that George coined one of his favorite ongoing declarations:

“The Blue Dog Series freed me, because I can take it anywhere.  I can paint the dog on the far side of the moon!”

The irony within this charming piece is that even on the far side of the moon, the Blue Dog is inherently ‘Louisiana’— not only because of its “loup-garou” roots, but also in donning a Mardi Gras mask.  


We are so pleased to be able to include this wonderful painting in the special exhibition “RODRIGUE:  Happy Mardi Gras!” on view through March 19, 2017 in New Orleans.