Life & Legacy

There’s a universal appeal to George Rodrigue’s art that gets inside one’s soul. You don’t just see it —
you FEEL it.

We are committed at Rodrigue Studios to sharing the life and art of George Rodrigue, and to educate as best we can on the evolution of his work, and the processes behind it. Each piece tells a story — a reaction to current events, a state of mind, the past, the present, the future, or love. Within each piece can be found common elements — the distinctive Rodrigue Oak, the Cajun people, their culture glowing from within, the Blue Dog, staring straight at the viewer, asking the questions, “Why are we here?” “What does it all mean?” There are swirls, flowers, suns, butterflies, and even hurricanes.

George Rodrigue painted LIFE.

As part of our mission to increase awareness of this GREAT AMERICAN ARTIST, Rodrigue Studio New Orleans installs two ambitious exhibitions annually. These include available work, as well as original paintings graciously loaned by collectors. The Rodrigue Family attends related gallery receptions, and Wendy Rodrigue provides heartfelt discussions on her late husband’s life and work.

Painting depends on freedom.  When you’re feeling completely free,  you can create, and this power to create is, in turn, the greatest freedom of all.


Wendy Rodrigue

It is my life’s work, since 1991, to educate others – through exhibitions, lectures, school visits, and writing – about the life and art of George Rodrigue.

The Life & Legacy Tour began (Fall 2017) because I felt compelled to help others experience George Rodrigue in a more personal way.  Now, the tour is in demand more than ever, with no end in sight!  And perhaps that’s exactly as it should be.


The Life and Legacy Tour continues Fall 2018, not only in Louisiana, but in other states as well, taking Wendy to colleges and universities, community groups, museums, and schools – sharing George’s story while using original paintings from his archives as a visual aid.


Sixty years later I still paint the way I felt as a child.  I emphasize to students how important it is to retain that innocence, and that it’s okay to create art in this way.