High Noon

High Noon
2002 by George Rodrigue
22 x 27 inches
Silkscreen, #17/70, hand signed

Location:  New Orleans

George Rodrigue would often talk about his long drives from art school in California to his home in Louisiana, reliving the dramatic visual changes in the topography.  He loved crossing through Texas noting the truly big sky as compared to the tiny one experienced in Louisiana by the massive oak trees.  He also noted how much Texans love Texas and everything that goes with it.  When Rodrigue bought a home in Carmel, CA, in 2000 he would now make this journey, once, sometimes twice a year, always looking forward to the big chunk of time spent crossing through Texas.

Over the next ten years, he created a number of silkscreen incorporating cowboy hats, the long road, cactus, and skulls — all nods to his fascination with, and love of all things Texas.


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