Color Me Happy

colormehappyColor Me Happy
2010 by George Rodrigue
42×78 inches, plus hand-painted ‘running dogs’ frame
Acrylic on canvas

With this artwork, we have a rare opportunity to offer a painting of special importance, unlike any on the market since losing George Rodrigue in 2013. It is, by far, the most important work we’ve offered by Rodrigue in recent years and, beyond that, it is important within the realm of all contemporary American painting —of any artist. This original George Rodrigue painting Color Me Happy (2010) is, without question, a Modern Masterpiece. George himself defined it as such. It is on par with Loup-garou (1991) and Aioli Dinner (1971) as milestones of his career. Works such as this exemplify Rodrigue’s mature style, while linking his later paintings to his artistic interests and influences of the 1960s. In the painting Color Me Happy Rodrigue expresses the unwavering confidence of having made those influences such as Pop and Non-objective his own.

See photos of Rodrigue working on this phenomenal painting, along with a related blog post and quotes from the artist HERE.

Nolan-Ryan-Don-Sanders-Jacques-2015-HoustonBaseball giant Nolan Ryan, Rodrigue collector and friend Don Sanders, and Rodrigue’s son Jacques Rodrigue, Executive Director of the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts, with the painting Color Me Happy, including the hand-painted ‘Running Dogs’ frame, hand-carved in India.