I Cannot Tell a Lie

i-cannot-tell-a-lie-1996-30x24-acrylic-linen-rodrigueI Cannot Tell a Lie
1996 by George Rodrigue
Acrylic on linen
30 x 24

Price Upon Request

Current location:  Rodrigue Studio, New Orleans, as part of the exhibition “RODRIGUE:  Blue Dog for President

Painted to hang in the 1996 Union Station exhibition “Blue Dog for President” in Washington D.C., I Cannot Tell A Lie represents one of Rodrigue’s most popular subjects — a Blue Dog-in-a-landscape. However, this painting is unique because it is only one of a handful of paintings that includes a tree other than the live oak for which Rodrigue is so well-known.  

This tree refers, along with the painting’s title, to the famous George Washington story, when the 6-year old future first U.S. President confesses to his father, “I cannot tell a lie,” after he used his new hatchet on the family’s cherry tree.

Typical of Rodrigue’s style, he paints the dog not as a small animal at a person’s feet, but rather as a person, large-scale and eye-level, demanding the attention it so deserves.  

 (During the 1996 Union Station exhibition, the Rodrigue staff nicknamed this painting, jokingly, Don’t Pee on My Cherry Tree).