Blues Traveler

Blues-Traveler-2000-4#5F6D2Blues Traveler
2000 by George Rodrigue
48×36 inches
Acrylic on canvas

Location:  Carmel

This outstanding painting is part of the Xerox Collection, a world-wide campaign conceived by the advertising firm Young & Rubicam for their client Xerox Corporation.  Rodrigue insisted on complete artistic freedom, so that the paintings reflect his personal vision, as opposed to that of others.  As a result, Young & Rubicam provided tag lines, such as “Blues Traveler,” and Rodrigue created the related artwork without further instruction.  

The nine-month campaign included not only print ads and billboards for the United States and Europe, but also television commercials filmed in museums, as well as unexpected locations throughout rural America —-such as the side of a barn in western New York.

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