Banana Split Sundae



Banana Split Sundae, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 30×40 inches

While painting Banana Split Sundae during late nights in his New Orleans studio, Rodrigue spent his days in the garage of his foundation’s office painting a Steinway piano. He swirled the Blue Dog shapes within bright colors, suggesting music, hoping to raise significant funds and awareness, benefiting arts programs through the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts and music programs at Louisiana State University (all of which came to pass).

He painted Banana Split Sundae, however, for himself. Although tight and controlled, showing a strong similarity to his piano art, the title reveals Rodrigue’s humor and release, when, after painting all day while bent over an awkward shape in a garage, he still turned to his easel at night, as one might turn to a favorite ice cream dessert.

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