A Storm’s Coming

A Storm's Coming 2003 40x30A Storm’s Coming
2003 by George Rodrigue
40×30 inches
Acrylic and water-based oil on canvas

Location:  New Orleans

On public view for the first time since he painted it in 2003, A Storm’s Coming is a blending of Rodrigue’s return to the traditional nude in Bodies and the loose, free-style explosion of Hurricanes.  As with The Finish Line, also on view during the exhibition Rodrigue’s WOMEN, the artist chooses anonymity over any suggestion of portraiture, reinforcing the mysterious nature of this series.  The swirls, although clearly a reference to Rodrigue’s seventy abstract paintings of Hurricanes (2002-3), also suggest the Blue Dog’s eyes.  In this unique work, unlike any other from Rodrigue’s oeuvre, the contemporary literally engulfs the classical.  

Rodrigue’s WOMEN opens March 25th at Rodrigue Studio, New Orleans.